DU-79202-20201-7920202075-1 Gender Studies

The course examines contemporary gender relations in contemporary literary and cultural studies. It also examines the practices of gender in society, everyday lives, the school, the workplace, and the home. To what extent these relationscan be explained in terms of women's and men's choices and to what extent in terms of masculinities and femininities, laws and institutions, and the distribution of power and resources in contemporary society, are key issues to be explored in classes of the course. The ways that ethnicity, 'race' and class modify and give meaning to gender debates in a specific territory and also in an international context will also be a central concern. Gender is encountered in every aspect of people 19s lives. It informs public debate, legislation, how much money can be earned, the victim of gender inequalities, the possibilities to be exposed to risk and sexual violences in society are also concerns of the course